11.5 foot hammocks? - Hammock camping

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Good question; but one with many answers

Hello - I recently purchased an 8 foot by 5 foot hammock and am not sure at what height I should attach it to the post.

Is attaching the hammock at about 8 feet from the base of the post an appropriate level?


Answer: Hi Junet and thanks for your question.

The answer depends largely upon what type of hammock you have.


If you have a 'daytime' garden/deck hammock that features spreader bars at each end (such as a ), the ideal height to hang this is 4-5 feet above the ground.

This is because these beds don't usually sag too much (and also because you won't usually spend 8 or 9 hours in one, causing it to sag further).

Camping hammocks

If however you have a lightweight nylon camping hammock (such as a or ), then you should start it off higher - 6-8 feet or roughly head height. This may sound like a lot but it will ensure you don't wake up with your butt dragging on the ground!

Happy hanging,


Anybody used 11 foot ridgeline tarps on 11.5 foot hammocks? It looks like 83% of 11.5 foot is around 9.5 feet. So I assume the tarp coverage would be ok?

Do any of you have experience with an 11.5 foot gathered end hammock

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