Kurgo Allagash Hammock, photo courtesy of Kurgo

Leerburg | Allagash Dog Car Hammock

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Kurgo Allagash Auto Dog Hammock Car Seat Cover - Save 33%

The safety of each car passenger as well as any dogs tagging along is very important to Kurgo. It was the main reason for their first product, the backseat barrier. While the Allagash Hammock does not come up as high as the barrier, it is still very successful in keeping my dog in the backseat and protecting her from falling off the seat in a panic stop. It has also removed much of the distraction of taking her with me since she is now unable to hop back and forth from front to back seat in attempts to lay on my lap.

Pixel looks quite cozy laying in my backseat now, and I can’t say that I blame her. The Allagash Hammock is made out of a soft rubber-like fabric. Kurgo calls this Hydraweave, which is made out of PVC-free, environmentally friendly materials. It’s durable, waterproof, stain resistant and sewn with fray resistant seams. It’s 55” wide by 56” long, which will fit most cars but might not fit a large truck or SUV.

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Overall, I’m quite impressed with the sturdiness, comfort and safety that the Kurgo Allagash Hammock provides, along with the peace of mind that comes from knowing my dog is safe and my car seats will remain clean.

First, the Kurgo Allagash Hammock is incredibly easy to set up. Just take it out of the bag, toss it into your back seat and connect the quick release buckles. Start by connecting the two straps for the backseat headrests. Then, if desired, attach the optional back strap by leaning your back seats forward and snapping it together behind them, followed by stretching the underseat elastic cord over each side of your bottom seat. Finish this off by connecting the front two headrest straps. It sounds like more work than it is. If a passenger wishes to ride in the back with your pup, you can fold half ( or all ) of the hammock down instead of connecting it to the front headrest attachments, and unzip the openings to fit your seat belt connector through.