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This is also known as a net cot that is made to either be suspended from the ceiling or be suspended from tow posts on the ground. In fact it can be suspended from any sturdy posts. A futon mattress is placed in the hammock to make it more comfortable and keep the child from waking. The Amazonas Koala Baby Hammock And Stand is a fantastic alternative to any cot or moses basket and is the best place on earth for new arrivals.

By sharing your experience with the Amazonas Koala baby hammock, you can help others (perhaps still doubting customers) with making a good choice.

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    The Amazonas Kangoo Baby Hammock as with all Amazonas products has been designed with safety in mind. The Kangoo baby hammock has large safety butt...

    The Amazonas Koala Baby Hammock and Stand Set is the perfect solution for your baby's comfort and safety, as your little one can now be positioned ...