Amby Air Baby Hammock | Free Standing

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Amby Air Baby Hammock | Free Standing Baby Hammock

Great condition Amby baby hammock. My baby absolutely loved this!

Why use a hammock?
A baby hammock is not a mini version of an adult hammock, but a specially designed sleeping bed for your baby. The Amby Air Baby Hammock:
Is one of the most natural sleeping environments you can give your new born baby
Has been sold for over 25 years – mostly in Australia from where it originates
Meets UK and European Safety Standards (as well as those in Australia and New Zealand)
Provides a safe and secure environment that closely mimics the feeling of womb
Provides a perfect transition from the womb to your baby's first bed
Is a complete alternative to a cot and can be moved anywhere you go with your baby.
Conventional cribs and cots can provide little sense of security for many babies. The Amby Air Baby Hammock gives your baby a slightly upright, soft, slightly curved and contoured surface that will give your baby the same snuggled feeling as your loving arms.
A baby will usually awaken slowly and peacefully in the Amby, soothed by the gentle motion of the hammock initiated by your baby's own small movements, instead of the abrupt arousal often experienced in a cot.
The Amby Baby Hammock is made of the highest quality materials.
100% certified organic cotton that is durable, breathable, and shrink resistant.
A 4cm foam mattress pad provides a firm and stable sleeping surface within the hammock (length 98 cm; width 30 cm; thickness 4cm). This provides a distinct advantage over traditional sheet-type baby hammocks which are too confining.
The sturdy steel frame won't bend, rust, or lose it's supportive durability over the years.
The hammock fabric is sewn tightly and inspected several times before final assembly. Each metal tube has
been sandblasted and painted with a
high gloss off-white gleaming finish.
The spring and cross bar are made with
heavy metal and steel that will hold
up to 45kgs (99 lbs). The spring is
so durable, it won't stretch or lose its
strength over the years.

Collection from Southampton

Amby Baby said it is aware of two infant suffocation deaths in the Amby Baby hammock. In June 2009, a 4-month-old girl in Lawrenceville, Ga died in a baby hammock and in August 2009, a 5-month-old boy from Gresham, Ore.

The Amby Baby Hammock is made of the highest quality materials.

Amby Baby Hammock Amby Baby Hammock
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The Amby baby hammock lawsuit was filed on December 29 by Jonathan Kuzma of in Multnomah County Circuit Court of Oregon over the death of his infant son in August.

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