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ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters - Atlas Hammock Suspension System (FFP)


Comments about ENO Atlas Hammock Suspension Straps:

Great for your next camping trip, the ENO Atlas Hammock Suspension System is made of poly-filament webbing with overlapping attachment whorls, features 30 combined adjustment points and safely supports up to 400 lb.

The Atlas straps, or more formally the “Atlas Hammock suspension system”, hold the hammock up. The Atlas system includes two straps that are 9 feet long and weigh 11oz. They are made with Polyfilament webbing that feels sturdy and robust to the touch and have a weight limit of 400lbs. The straps are super easy to use to setup your hammock. They have in total 30 combined adjustment points making the system extremely versatile. You can be sure your hammock will fit with whatever spacing of trees nature throws at you. To rig it up, you loop one end of the strap through the other (around a tree trunk or fixture of your choice), and clip the hammock carabineer on whatever loop you like. This lets you adjust the height as well as the amount of curvature in your hammock. The whole setup process takes mere minutes.

Comments about ENO Atlas Hammock Suspension Straps:

Atlas Hammock Suspension System

Comments about ENO Atlas Hammock Suspension Straps:

The Atlas Suspension Strap system by Eagles Nest Outfitters is easy to use and allows you to set up your hammock in no time. Simply wrap the Atlas Suspension Strap around a tree or sturdy object, pass the end back through any of the Atlas Suspension Strap's many integrated loops, pull the end tight to provide maximum tension and attach to your hammock. The Atlas Suspension Strap includes 30 adjustment points for greater hanging options and more versatility. The Atlas Suspension Strap can be used with virtually any hammock. Made of Flexible, PolyFilament webbingm the Atlas Hammock Suspension Straps hold up to wear and tear and, unlike traditional ropes and lash straps, they do not damage trees when cinched into place.

Even after adding in the 11 oz. in weight for our , the carrying weight of the DoubleNest Hammock and Atlas Hammock Suspension System seems like nothing to this momma who is used to toting around children and all their gear. Both of these products are recommended for best use as “family/car camping and backpacking” and are perfect fits for our expected adventures this summer (and beyond!). Hiking day trips, visits to the cottage and beach, or just hanging around in the yard – the DoubleNest will be fun to have along.