Hennessy Ultralite Backpacker Hammock 1

ErgaLogik Camping Hammock (Brown/Dark Green)


10 Best Backpacking Hammocks of 2016

A backpacking hammock system will be heavier and more expensive than a comparable ground system. But the penalties are small and overshadowed by the functional differences.

ooking for the perfect all terrain hammock? Well then the Deluxe Backpackers Hammock is perfect for you! Crafted with an adjustable, removable pillow pocket; use any article of clothing while on the trail to create a pillow on the go giving this hammock a true minimalist feel. To make things ever better use the head-to-toe YKK zipper to escape at a moments notice into your own personal hammock cocoon.

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    Using a sleeping pad will keep you warm. Some people question the airflow beneath, as opposed to sleeping on the ground, and this can be reduced dramatically with a good sleeping pad. Because of the material used in most backpacking hammocks, sleeping pads will slide around, limiting your comfort, so assuring the security of your pad with an integrated sleeve lends to a better nights rest. There are designs, including one of our Bakpocket models that have pockets for a sleeping pad to be secured into.

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