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The new video highlights many of the new aspects of the game, including its sprawling open-world; the uniqueness and greater intelligence of the zombies; and a few of the various ways to despatch the undead horde. Also touched on is the game's Kinect integration and weapon crafting system, both of which were featured in a released earlier this month. The silliness comes in with a banana hammock costume and wrestling with zombies in a ring while wearing a luchador costume.

Harry Banana Hammock Costume There is a very funny costume available for those that wish to wow the masses with their sexiness. The costume is called the Harry Banana Hammock Adult Costume. The costume is a body suit that is flesh colored, has a ton of fake chest hair and ...

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Insulated onesies cost under $250. Fleece jackets come in well under $100, a bikini is $70, and a banana hammock will cost you just $40 — if you dare.

This Harry Banana Hammock Adult Costume includes bodysuit with attached chest and regional hair as well as an Hawaiian style shirt and attached blue trunks. A definite eyecatcher (but perhaps for all the wrong reasons)!!