I like the idea like the bat hammock. It would fit in my room.

Grand Trunk Double Parachute Nylon Hammock, Batik, One Size


FS: BAT hammock climbing bivouac hammock ..

Recycling wood pieces and ropes for a bat hammock bed is a clever and simple craft idea that create a comfortable and unique pet furniture item. This DIY project is perfect for knitting fans. Lushome shares a few photographs that demonstrate how to make a cat hammock with simple tools and knitting techniques.

Design: Single point hammock for hanging from one attachment above you. The hammock extends 50cm up on both sides of you, and the three straps on both sides are 100cm long meeting at a main reinforced attach loop above. The hammock is 7' long (2.1 meters) and curls up around your feet and head for safety. The hammock is designed to pack small and light (appx 2kg). The inside layer has a Velcro sleeve opening for a closed cell foam pad (if desired) and comes with 7 spreader poles (4 longitudinal and 3 lateral) to hold the hammock open and to make it more comfortable if desired. (This hammock can easily be used without foam pad and without the spreader bar for a lighter climbing option). The three straps pass completely under the body and incorporate "X-design" between the hang webbing to support the body in the hammock. This hammock also comes two mesh pockets and Nylon loop hanging attach points to keep your gear accessible. Color: Dark Olive with black straps. Dimensions: 7' long with 1.5 meters high (including the 1 meter straps) to a single attach loop. (packed: 15cm x 15cm x 10cm) Weight (with spreader poles): appx 2.7kg. (6lbs). / without spreader poles appx 2.2kg. (4.9lbs) / Cone Fly: .5kg. (1.1lbs). / Cone Net: .4kg (.8lbs). Materials: The Bat Hammock is made with Nylon 420D and reinforced with 2 layers of ES Polyspun Polyester 450 (yarncount 150x30) coated with Breatex to keep it waterproof but breathable and comfortable. The straps are 1.25" Nylon, and the Cone Rain Fly is Ripstop Nylon. Cone Fly & Cone Net Option: Also available is a waterproof Dark Olive Cone Rain Fly (2.2kg.) that hangs above and drapes over the Bat Hammock and a Dark Color Cone Net (.5kg.) to keep out mosquitoes (same design as the Cone Fly). Lift System Option: We have designed a Lift System to throw over a limb of a tree, secure, lie in the hammock, lift yourself 20' aloft and then lock the lift line to stay out of the bear's way. You are welcome to copy this or make a cheaper system yourself. .

Mosquito "Bat Hammock" Review - 30 feet high

Bat Hammock being tested "out on the edge" by Josh Mucci and his friends.

Bat Hammock being used by Jean Baptiste Poncet in France (Jul 2012)

Bat Hammock being used by Jean Baptiste Poncet in France (Jul 2012)

Bill did Warren Harding's two anchor-point Bat Hammock one better with his sweet single anchor-point Forrest Hammock and Rainfly. I loaned my old Bat Hammock to a partner on the North America Wall. We were a party of three, the other two had Forrest Rigs. Pinned down by a deadly November storm in the bottomless Black Cave Bivy, we did a side by side comparison. The poor guy in the bat-tub really suffered.

The BAT hammock hangs from a single point and has a foot wall added to keep you from sliding out. It'in pretty good shape, there's one patch on the bottom.