indoor bean bag hammocks - brilliant.

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What’s better than lounging poolside in the hammock? How about laying by that same pool in a bean bag hammock? Le Beanock is a UK designed and built bean bag hammock chair that will eventually find its way into our own personal homes.

Le Beanock is the what you get if a bean bag banged a hammock and had a baby. A comfy, relaxing baby that I would like to nap on in my backyard. Jk, I don’t have a backyard. My apartment building is backed up to a Burger King so I’ll just set it up in the parking lot. Ahhh, I can just imagine it now: reclining on this bean bag hammock baby, the smell of french fries drifts by my nostrils as the homeless guy who looks like Santa Claus (if Santa Claus had a drug problem) asks if he can borrow my shoes. Who’s the king now, BK?! Okay, okay — still you.

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    I don’t think anyone ever though of this combination. A beanbag and hammock put together is not something commonly seen. However, this combination exists and it’s called the Beanock. It looks like a very comfortable creation. The Beanock is actually a sort of oversized hammock or a suspended sofa. It can be used by several persons at a time. It’s a very resistant and very safe item. It uses high quality metal rings so it should be very safe.

    The Beanock Bean Bag Chair is a giant floating bean bag chair that looks and feels like a hammock, and kind of looks like a giant pillow being held up via chains on all four corners. The bean bag hammock or 'Le Beanock' as it's so called is great for relaxing and reading a book, or maybe taking it for a swing, but hold off on the cheeseburgers, because the small bean bag hammock can only support up to 220lbs where as the larger bean bag hammock can support up to 440lbs. The floating bean bag hammock is made from marine quality metal, and super strong, fade resistant, and waterproof fabric, and comes in a plethora of colors.