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Authentic Brazilian Hammock, Large Hanging Rope Chair Swing (Hand Made in Brazil) for Yards, Bedrooms, Porches, Indoor / Outdoor, Built by Traditional Artisans Red Stripes


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The equipment of the Brazil Hammock Chair is rather simple: you get a hanging chair and the spreader bar, without any additional accessories, such as a swivel and a suspension set. Don’t pop it in the washing machine or use any kinds of chemical cleaners or detergents. If you want to store it when not in use, make sure it’s completely dry before you pack it up!

Byer of Maine, the company that retails these quintessential Brazil hammock chairs brought to world markets by Amazonas of Munich, has a rich history. It was founded as the Byer Manufacturing Company in 1880. Set up in Bangor, Maine by a Russian immigrant family, they moved to Orono, Maine in 1925. In 1985, the family sold the business.

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    If you’re in the market for a comfy, appealing, no-nonsense and unique seating arrangement for your home, and you don’t want to spend a fortune, but still prefer a high-quality brand hammock chair against a cheap model, then you should buy this Brazil hammock chair. Available on Amazon in four colors at the moment, it can be shipped anywhere across North America.

    The Brazil hammock chair is spread out on a solid piece of ash wood. It uses Drexelung technology to hang on the wooden rod, which means that the ropes do not slide towards the inside. The best part about these hammocks is that they can be carried anywhere. Weighing only 5 pounds, you can easily transport this anywhere in your home. You want to sit by the window and read or spruce up your entertainment area, it’s perfect for all parts of your home.