is our favorite thing in the building: A hanging cargo net hammock

Hammock Cargo Storage Net Organizer


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Imagine spending a summer floating down a river in this magnificent barge, stopping only for food and water in some random backwater town, then returning to the top deck cargo net hammock to resume the lazy float to nowhere. That's all that comes to mind when looking at this magnificent wood creation. That, and the inevitable moment when this thing runs into a pile of rocks and capsizes.

Hammocks are unique in one category, being the category of cost. There are cargo net hammocks on the market, which can be found on Amazon and in almost any military surplus store for around five to $10. They are durable, light weight and pack very well. However, if you are looking to make the investment into something more comfortable, it may be worth looking into a quality hammock that meets and exceeds this criteria. If this is the case, then perhaps investing in an ENO hammock is more your speed, starting around 60 dollars on up. These hammocks are made from parachute silk and are arguably the best hammocks on the market when looking for a hammock to take hiking, camping, and even to replace your bed if you are that dedicated to the hammock life.


Cargo Storage Net Hammock Trunk Rack Organizer Van SUV ... Cargo Storage Net Hammock Trunk Rack Organizer Van SUV ...
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