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Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock (Gray and Aqua Quatrefoil)


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Roll it up, and you can easily toss this shopping cart hammock in a diaper bag or tote. We haven’t tested this ourselves, but from the instructions online, it looks super easy to install onto a shopping cart and to secure your child into the hammock.

What I think is so smart is that by using the safety strap, the Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock can even hold a baby in his infant car seat, up to 50 pounds. Perfect if your child has fallen asleep on the drive over and you don’t want to wake them just because you need to grab some frozen peas and produce.

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Shopping Cart Hammock™ - IT'S ALMOST HERE!!!

This clever contraption is a cart hammock that clips onto most shopping carts and hangs above your groceries. That means no more massive seat attachments or having to use one of those Buick-sized carts for kids. Once attached, there’s plenty of room for baby and all the items on your shopping list. You can even use two in one cart for multiples. Better yet, it’s machine washable and small enough to keep in your diaper bag.

When I first saw this Shopping Cart Hammock from Binxy Baby, I thought, “brilliant”! I just needed to find someone that could see if it was worth $55 or if it was more of a pain in the ass than a time saver. So I got my bud Emily and her sweet little man Ruben to try it out for me. Here’s what they thought.