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An outdoor hammock is the perfect place for tranquility and relaxation. It should be a place of complete personal comfort, and when you lay on a hammock you should get up feeling refreshed and renewed. Hammock pillows and hammock pads can help you get more comfortable, but maybe the most important thing is where you set up your hammock. Whether it's a tree hammock, a hanging chair hammock on a patio, or a hammock stand in your backyard, make sure to set up your hammock in a place you consider an area of relaxation. After all, if you are not totally relaxed, then what good is a hammock? We chatted with Kelly and Tessa, DIY and home décor bloggers, to share details of their hammock. We can tell they have added their own personal touch to their hammock space, which is why they enjoy it so much!

Hammocks: thousand years old creation

For rest there is nothing more pleasant than a hammock. They began to be made in Central America over a thousand years ago and are still made today. Hammocks are made by indigenous artisans from different countries and only they know the best technique of hand work to deliver a high- quality, safe, strong and very original product.
Current hammocks are made ​​from cotton , but years ago the materials used were different . Whatever material you choose to use these household utensils have become one of the main export products and their creators perfect their processes every day a little more .
Hammocks in different ways.

The hammock that most people know is a wide body with different colors , which is tied with cords at each end , so that people can remain suspended and rocking . As mentioned earlier, the techniques have improved significantly and manufacturers have created chair hammocks, inter alia.

Suitable for various types of hammock chairs

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    Contrary to the Mayan hammock the chair hammock is a pretty new design. Now the lack of space is not a reason anymore not to enjoy the benefits of relaxing in a hammock. These hammock chairs can be installed outside or inside. In fact, people who enjoyed their chair hammock during the summer days will look for a place inside to install it for the winter. Installed under the balcony upstairs it become an urban Mayan hammock.

    This chair hammock is a pure beauty. It is made with a cotton cloth but the crochet like design lets more air flowing through it for more comfort in summer then with Brazilian chairs.