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‘Swing Time’ is located in , between the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center and D Street. It consists of 20 circular glowing hammocks that interact with people by shining while they . When they aren’t in use they emit a soft, white light that illuminates the area.

A series of circular glowing hammocks have changed Boston’s Lawn on D into a stunning luminescent park! Envisioned by , ‘Swing Time’ is a temporary interactive installation made up of 20 LED The vespertine spectacle invites passersby to stop for a swing - and it's even more incredible once the sun sets.

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The search for Crooked Hammock growlers, which are brown with the yellow, circular Crooked Hammock logo, began on Sept. 5 and will continue until all 24 are found. So far during Growler Hunt, 22 have been found, but there are still two more to go.

Sleep in the air with this gorgeous circular hammock bed. Hang this hammock to make it the focal point of your bedroom, where you can rest in, read in, read a good book in or study and work comfortably in. No matter what you’re doing, this hammock bed will be sure to make you feel like you’re floating on cloud 9.