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Camo NX-250 - Clark Jungle Hammock

With the , a four season camping hammock, there will no such thing as too cold or too wet weather for you to go on your outdoor adventures. The patented hammocks from the Clark Jungle Hammock Co. are the world’s because of the incredible amount of protection and comfort they provide. Along with that, these hammocks use flexible fiberglass poles to make them very sturdy and very easy to set up. And with their amazing zippered interior pockets, the gear which you store will help insulate the entire hammock even further.

Clark Jungle hammock, TX-200 is built the same as Tropical 2 model, but it is 12" longer and 6" wider and therefore, more comfortable but expensive.

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I've had a lingering curiosity -- if not outright interest -- about the possibility of using hammocks for backpacking. For me, the problem with hammocks has always been their (lack of) stability and capability to withstand inclement weather. Recently, I came across the new Clark Jungle Hammock and decided to give it a test -- from a backpacker's perspective. The following are the results of that test.

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You will see that the more a competitor's hammock improves, the more it will look like the original lightweight camping hammock: the Clark Jungle Hammock.

With less weight come reduced number of features; it has only two pockets, located underneath the hammock for storing the camping gear. If looking for the cheapest and lightest Clark Jungle hammock, this is the one.