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As one of the birthplaces of the world's first hammocks, Colombia's hammock craftsmen adhere to the traditional techniques representing centuries of excellence. There's nothing quite like the soft feel of a handwoven cotton hammock from Colombia. For an updated spin on the classic Colombian design, pick up a Colombian Hammock with Spreader Bar. It's the same natural cotton comfort, but handwoven in the modern rectangular style.

The Colombian Double Hammock will provide you with a quality relaxation oasis where you can rest and refresh from the stresses of the day. Or why not avoid them all together and spend the whole day in this super comfortable hammock!

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CASE 4 - Colombian Hammock 55 x 87 inch

This Colombian Double Hammock holds two adults (a 400-pound maximum), who have room to lounge and relax in the extra large bedding area. It's very easy to hang and put to use. You'll be ready to test out the relaxation factor within minutes of its arrival - if you can beat the spouse or kids to it!

Enjoy cuddling with a loved one with the beautiful La Siesta Paloma Olive Colombian Double Hammock. Crafted from soft, pure cotton, this hammock features an open loop suspension which is found in traditional Columbian hammocks. Doubling of the weft threads creates a tear proof selvage while the two borders of the lying surface have a particularly tight weave for exceptional stability. 62 suspension cords distribute your weight equally to the cloth to give a unique feeling of agravity. Machine washable for your convenience, this hammock is made to hold two people and can hold up to 350 lbs.