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The Foot Hammock,Elevin(TM)Fashion Adjustable Mini Canvas Office Foot Rest Stand Desk Feet Hammock,Put your foot up on the hammock under the desk comfortable for Your foot (Orange)


Military-Tactical - Clark Camping Hammock

This invention relates to an Auto Hammock Rocker, which gently rocks a hammock occupant as soon as the hammock becomes occupied, thereby relaxing the occupant. A commonly known hammock is firmly attached to a container that is in turn firmly attached to a post or a tree or other stationary objects. The container has a top portion, a bottom portion and at least one side portion defining an internal compartment. The container has more than one side portion and may completely surround the internal compartment, if so desired. The internal compartment houses a periodically reversing geared motor, which may be powered by a battery or house current. The shaft of the geared motor rotates at a slow speed, delivering a high level of torque. The shaft of the geared motor is integrally connected to a torsional spring. The other end of the spring is connected to an arm which, in turn, is connected to the conventional hammock with a pressure switch. The torsional spring and the arm are referred to as the oscillating portion of the Auto Hammock Rocker. When a person lies on the hammock, the pressure switch is activated and the geared motor is thereby powered, creating the rocking motion. The contact pressure switch is generally not required to carry the entire weight of the person on the hammock. It is only a sensor that closes when an occupant's weight, or portion thereof, is applied to the hammock.

And here is another shelter, a duck hunter camo bivy, at first I didn’t know how it was really supposed to set up, until I set it up the way that it was originally set up and noticed that one edge was supposed to be sewn to another edge, so I added a 70″ zipper to that edge to enable it to become a hammock shelter as well as a bivy shelter. it is 8 ft long on the top portion, just shy of 6 feet on the width of the top, and 6 ft long on the bottom, and same width as the top. Below are the first set up pictures, you can see the open edge and the 3 corner grommets that puzzled me until I added the zipper to it.

Vietnam Jungle Hammock - Army Surplus Warehouse, Inc.

  • Elsa says:

    I am looking to go hiking in Vanuatu in March, it’s the wet season so I want a good hammock with mosquito nets and fly. Has anyone tried the Rock hopper light weight hammock, it seems great for the price but I am it sure of the best I can get in the range.

    • Derek says:

      I’ve not tested the Rock Hopper hammock, but if I were hiking or backpacking, I would pick a lighter, more compressible hammock. Any hammock can double as a ground bivvy. There are many jungle hammocks (those with included bug netting):

      • Hennessy Hammocks
      • Warbonnet Hammocks
      • ENO Jungle Hammock
      • Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter
      • Hammeck Envy
      • Dream Hammock
      • Hammock Bliss No-See-Um No More
      • Byer of Main Moskito
      • and more…
  • US Geniune Government Issue Vietnam Jungle Hammock

    When you’re done you can put it into your pocket and away you go. Seriously- that’s the complete Hennessy Hammock in a cargo pants pocket with room to spare.

    Development of the M1966 Jungle Hammock began in July 1966 when USARV requested a lightweight compact hammock for use in Vietnam. The standard model was too heavy (3lb 14oz.) and too bulky to be carried on combat operations and as a result soldiers frequently slept on the jungle floor.