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A Hammock Beneath the Mangoes: Stories from Latin America


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The Mayan hammock is a brightly colored piece composed of either thin cotton or nylon thread, and the weave is breathable and soft, which is ideal for molding to one’s body shape. Given their light weight and lack of spreader bar, contemporary Mayan hammocks are popular among campers and outdoor adventurers; they are aesthetically similar to the Nicaraguan style, but the looser stitch makes them more flexible. However, due to this thinner stitching, keep in mind that these pieces can be more easily damaged by protruding buttons or jean zippers than a thicker stringed product.

Additionally, assess how many people will be using these pieces; if it’s just for you, a singular size will do, but if more than one person will be sharing the seat at a time, consider a contemporary double hammock or swing bed.

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Modern Hammock: Cacoon - The Grommet

Encompass offer a range of designer modern garden hammocks, from leading brands including Royal Botania, Coro, Fatboy and Viteo. These contemporary outdoor hammocks include the stunning Wave by Royal Botania, which incorporates a shade, and rotates through 360 degrees, allowing you to follow the sun or shade all day long. Go modern in the garden with this collection of modern hammocks, which are made in the highest quality materials, including stainless steel, batyline and plantation teak, available in wide range of colour finishes. High quality materials allow you to enjoy this furniture for a lifetime of use, whilst the furniture requires little or no maintenance. The hammocks shown here include individual modern design hammocks, as well as larger contemporary twin hammocks for couples or more. The Encompass collections of modern garden furniture and accessories are suitable for use in private homes and gardens, as well as hotels, spas, yachts, cruise ships and around the pool.

A hammock chair is a great alternative for a small space. This design is also more stable and less prone to flipping over while you get comfy, which makes them a great choice for children (or for those of us who lack balance!). There are portable hammock chairs that come with a stand as well as contemporary hammock chairs that do require set-up, so make sure you choose the model that best suits your needs and your space!