10 inch Heavy Denim Cube Rat Hammock by AlmaRodentia on Etsy

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Cube Hammock I Love Ferrets | Friendly Ferret

The cube hammock with white “I love ferrets” design is a hammock that can be on the floor and in the air. It is a shape of a cube, so it looks like a room in the cage. With two doors, your ferret can easily enter and exit the hammock. Dimensions of the cube are: the base 23 cm x 23 cm (9,06 inch x 9,06 inch), height 23 cm (9,06 inch). Outside material is durable and decorated with awesome design, the inside is filled with soft fabric, made for sleeping.

The cube hammock is great because it can be placed in every part of the cage. It has 4 adjustable straps so you can hang it from the top and on the sides of the cage. You can put it in the air, in one corner of the cage or on the platform. If you don’t want it to hang, just remove the straps and place it on the floor. It has a soft plastic and textile wadding in the bottom so it will look great while hanging with ferret sleeping inside.A textile wadding is here for softer feeling and plastic makes it look awesome all the time.

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Seamless Cube Hammock - Freewebstore

El tarpo de Cubano es muy....ahem sorry. Given the name, I got a little carried away. The Cuben Fiber Hammock Tarp with Doors is amazing! I couldn't believe how light it is and at 6.5 oz (minus suspension), it is worth its weight in gold! Thanks Adam and Thorwren for making such awesome and high quality hammock gear!

This cube rat hammock is made from a durable cotton outer layer, and a soft fleece inner lining. It has four ribbon tabs that can be used along with string and/or metal hooks for easy attachment to bar cages. This item is great for small animals because it provides them a secure place to hide away, while adding a nice pop of color to their cage.