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You'll love hanging out and relaxing in the beautiful La Siesta Colombian Currambera Hammock Chair Lounger. Crafted from pure, soft cotton, this environmentally friendly hammock chair features a bar made from responsibly harvested bamboo which is strong, durable, and weatherproof. Both borders of this hammock chair feature an extremely tight weave to guarantee exceptional stability while you're sitting. The chair's integrated safety swivel allows you to rotate around your own axis without overwinding the suspension ropes and helping to ensure your hammock chair lasts longer. 60 suspension cords distribute your weight equally to the cloth to give you a unique feeling of agravity as you comfortably sit and relax. The detachable cloth, in your choice of gorgeous colors, is machine washable for your convenience and the chair can hold up to 350 lbs.

The Currambera Hammock Swing is extra-large, enabling you to not only sit comfortably in it, but also lie down. It is crafted in Columbia, using traditional workmanship. The handcrafted cotton is not only folkloristic and decorative, but also provides for an equal distribution of weight, thus optimizing seating comfort. Currambera is made from 100% cotton colorfast (won't fade) material. Single suspension point.

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The beauty of this hammock is that it’s so big that it can easily fit two adults. It’s made from soft yet durable 100% high quality cotton with long fibers that is also lint free and machine washable (30°C / gentle cycle). The Currambera Hammock gives you that weightless feeling because it has several open loop suspension cords which uniformly distribute the weight across the hammock’s cloth. This is generally a rule of thumb when buying a hammock – the more cords the hammock has, the more even the distribution of weight is which, in turn, makes the hammock more comfortable. Another great feature of La Siesta’s Currambera Hammock is that it has double weft threads and reinforced selvage which makes it virtually tearproof.

. Densely woven and colorfast, La Siesta's Columbia Currambera hammock is a great place to chill. Featuring traditional open-loop construction, it features a significant number of suspension cords that distribute weight evenly and keep you stable.