DD Travel Hammock review - Part 1

[Durable Hammock & Strap Bundle] Serac Classic Portable Single Camping Hammock with Suspension System - Perfect for the backpack, travel and camping (Wildflower Purple/Teal)


2010 DD Travel Hammock Review - DD Hammocks - YouTube

You can save yourself some pennies and get a better and more versatile shelter (again in my humble opinion) by going for the DD Travel Hammock/Bivi (it has a waterproof base) and a 3×3 metre tarp.

I’m going to finish this DD Travel Hammock review with this: I love the freedom and versatility of this hammock. And sleeping in the open with just a thin net between you and the forest is amazing. And in all honesty, since my trip last week, I’ve been chomping at the bit to sleep in it again.

This is a review of the 2010 DD Travel Hammock

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DD Travel Hammock/ Bivi | The Bushcraft Cave

Now for the last thing I want to cover in my DD Travel Hammock review. As previously mentioned, you can use the Travel Hammock as a bivi. This is what makes it so unique. However, how you do so isn’t immediately obvious – and as I found out – might be a bit of an over-claim on the part of DD Hammocks.

I found slipping a sleeping mat into the dedicated sleeping mat sleeve was enough to keep me warm though. It worked well and served the same purpose as dedicated hammock insulation. So I’m happy to report in this DD Travel Hammock Review, that with the foam mat protecting me, I was nice and warm and didn’t feel cold at all.