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FMS Deluxe Indoor / Outdoor Multicolor Handmade Tropical Mayan Hammock - Extra Large, 1 or 2 Person - 100% Cotton - Portable, Soft and Most Comfortable Hammock


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Outdoor Classics American DeLuxe Style Mayan Hammock. The #hammock is handwoven from a cotton material making the hammock bed soft as well as extremely comfortable. The hammock is adorned with beautiful crochet handmade fringe making it full of detail. Each hammock is handwoven by native Mayan craftsmen in Central America. Though given a working design, the sizes and patterns may vary due to the individual's artistic expression. Sized for one adult person. #hammock #hammocks #mayanhammock

Deluxe Mayan Crochet Hammock - Tropic

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    The Mayan Hammock, or Hamaca Maya, is a light, sprang woven webbing that opens effortlessly to accommodate the user. The authentic Mayan hammock is woven of thin strings, yet can hold up to a thousand pounds. Pound for pound, and dollar for dollar, it is the best comfort value available in the hammock market place. On this page we offer the Mayan hammock for sale in the smaller size range such as the single and the Mayan hammock double, and also the large Mayan hammock such as the Queen size, the King size, and the Jumbo. The deluxe Mayan hammock, which is woven of thicker cording in a special double woven style, is available in the extra large King size only. If you plan to use the Mayan hammock for sleeping, it is strongly recommended that you purchase the largest hammock that will fit your budget. The reason is that you will want your Mayan Hammock bed to be as roomy as possible. This also allows maximum support possibilities from firm to soft. For Mayan hammock indoor use the classic Mayan cotton hammock will be an excellent choice as it is the softest in feel of all Mayan hammocks. The nylon hammock is a bit sturdier and more durable in high humid environments, and as such, is recommended for rainforest, jungle, and extreme maritime locations, but should not be used in high UV environments. This is because today's nylon hammocks are actually polypropylene, which tends to degrade in strong sunlight. All hammocks can fade over time, particularly the darker colors. They will eventually achieve a comfortable lived in look like a favorite pair of blue jeans. As the hammocks are made by hand, all sizes given are approximate. With the The Tommy Hamaca line of Mayan Hammocks, exclusive to Seaside Hammocks, we can now offer the world’s most comfortable hammocks in a style that is seven times stronger and 4 times more durable than the standard. In this premium line we have introduced Mercerized cotton in the bed of the hammock, and true nylon to the suspension arms. This upgrade in materials produces a true all weather hammock that provides the unmatched comfort of the Mayan style, while eliminating some of the frustrating aspects of the classic Mayan hammock,such as snagging and breaking in the hammock bed and UV destruction in the polypro nylon sections. For more information about Mayan hammocks see , or for even more information and history. For information about Mayan hammock hanging methods, see . For International shipments, please visit . Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed: Please see our . Your safety is our concern. Please see .

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