REI Co-op Quarter Dome Air Hammock

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Our solution was a Geodesic Dome.

The Southern coastal plain oak dome and hammock is a forest type occurring in small patches in , , , and . These forests consist of thick stands of evergreen oaks on shallow depressions or slight hills. They are distinct from their surrounding habitats, which are often woodlands dominated by .

Crafted from lightweight ripstop nylon and bug-repelling mesh, REI's Quarter Dome Air Hammock also happens to be a swaying, functional tent. Built for one occupant seeking a sleeping area off the ground, the hammock comes complete with a nylon rainfly, shock-corded poles and dacron lines—all of which stow into a carry bag. And, if you just want to rest for a quick second under the sky or stars, simply flip it over and it's no different than your average hammock.

Saw a DIY hammock "dome" made out of 2x4's at a festival campground

Camping Hammock Kit includes hammock tent and tarp

A minimalist alternative to a tent, the REI Quarter Dome Air hammock packs light, sets up easy and provides a structured, open sleeping area up off the ground with a stowable bug net for protection.