Awesome in-door hammock-bed-thing.

CHILLAX Double Travel Hammock green with Integrated Suspension


18 Indoor Hammocks to Take a Relaxing Snooze In Any Time

I’ve been looking for answers to an indoor hammock problem… need one in a commercial office. The wall buildout has studs but it doesn’t go all the way to the structural ceiling. The drop ceiling it does connect to is just a grid with cork tiles and offers no load-bearing support of any kind. I fear that the eye bolt would hold nice and tight to the stud as the entire wall folds in like wet cardboard… considering Mr. Henriquez’s comments, is it worth trying? I’d really like to get this hammock up, but not at peril of the building!

I was looking into this for a while, and I read that studs nowdays are often not dense enough to support indoor hammocking. Old houses with old studs – they have dense wood which will be suitable.

18 Indoor Hammocks to Take a Relaxing Snooze ..

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    Hi! I’ve been sleeping in my hammock for the past 2 weeks and I hear like a cracking sound every time I move. I weigh 230 is cracking sounds normal with indoor hammocks?

    And hey, what if there’s nowhere you can secure your hammock from? There’s a clever that shows you how to make your very own indoor hammock stand.