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Since its release May 20, 2008 on Darla Records, "Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow" by Southern Ambient/Post-Rock duo Hammock has met with widespread critical praise from media tastemakers including Pitchfork ("an immersive listen"), All Music Guide ("a still and stunning beauty"), eMusic ("an amazing set of soaring instrumentals") and radio stalwarts such as KCRW, KEXP, and the PRI-syndicated program Echoes.

Since their inception 11 years ago, one of the most remarkable things about the Nashville duo Hammock has been their ability to almost uncannily translate the pulse and fiber of human emotion into actual chords and melodies. Case in point: “Wasted We Stared at the Ceiling,” from their new record . It starts quietly: there’s a ripple of electric guitars, the strings waltz in woozily and the vocals—distant, drowned in echo—glide gently by, repeating the title over. All of the component pieces move in slow motion, weaving and swaying. It feels, in short, a lot like being drunk—not edgy, sloppy, aggressive drunk, but the kind of blissed-out, anything-is-possible lightheadedness that sets in after one too many in a room full of friends and loud music. The whole song is both perfectly out of focus and deeply serene.

Bloopers From Duo Aerial Hammock Routine

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The Duo Hammock piece called "Almost There" can be performed with 1 duet or up to 3duets ( 6 people )
requiring 3 separate aerial points. Aerial Culture designs, choreographs

This Duo Hammock piece is a precision piece with a multiple of beautifully mirrored shapes. The piece works for both corporate & hospitality eventst needing a high energy and dynamic piece; & easily changes as a sweet romantic duet.