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"The question can be how do we equilibrium the ENO CamoNest Hammock XL Top Reviews virtues of work out with the problems of air pollution? " said Brad Capital, a kinesiology professor inside the College of Public Health and Human Savoir at Oregon State College or university and a national expert on the advantages of physical activity. "Ultimately, we have to locate ways for people to stay active despite the smog. "

ENO CamoNest XL Hammock. Blend in to your environment, whatever that may be, with the ENO CamoNest. As versatile as nature is varied, the CamoNest provides the perfect hidden nirvana.

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    That stated, during a spring outing with several of the same crew from my fall outing I decided to use the Cinch Buckles in conjunction with an ENO CamoNest XL hammock that I'm currently testing. Feel free to check out that report as well! In normal situations I would merely larks head the continuous loop around the gathered end of the hammock and attach the loop and buckle to the strap. A larks head (or cow hitch) is a hitch in which the rope of the continuous loop is passed around an object, the hammock body in this case and then back through itself for a snug fit. Think of how a luggage tag with an elastic band is looped around a handle and back through itself or take not of the above image. The ENO hammock has carabiners attached to the ends, so I decided to simply clip the loop directly into the biner and attach it this way. In all honesty, if I weren't in the middle of a test series on the ENO hammock I'd likely remove the carabiners to save weight and larks head the buckle setup to the hammock, but I'm obligated not to alter that product during while testing.

    Whether you're out on the hunt or relaxing among skyscrapers, kick back and hide away with the ENO CamoNest Hammock. As versatile as nature is varied, the CamoNest provides the perfect hidden nirvana. Constructed from the same breathable, quick-drying nylon as its ENO peers, the CamoNest comes with the added bonus of unique camo patterns. Heavy-duty, triple-stitched seams and a 400-lb. weight capacity mean this Nest is ready for anything you are. Includes aluminum wiregate carabiners for easy attachment to solid anchor points and ropes, webbing, or whatever your strapping/connecting device of choice is during set-up (not included). Otherwise, using an ENO Suspension System delivers an extremely simple and streamlined set-up process (systems sold separately). Attached compression stuff sack provides easy storage when traveling or not in use. Best use: family/car camping and backpacking.

    CamoNest Specs
    • Weight: 16 oz.
    • Material: nylon
    • Folded dimensions: 3.5" x 4.5"
    • Unfolded dimensions: 9' 4" x 4' 7"
    • Color: forest camo