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ENO Tear-Aid Hammock Repair Kit


ENO Indoor Hammock Hanging Kit Vs Eyebolts : Hammocks

The ENO Hammock Hanging Kit allows you to set-up your hammock on any secure structure. You can use this kit to hang a hammock in your bedroom, basement, porch, gazebo or anywhere there is a structural support.

The ENO hammock repair kit cost under $5 on amazon, and is used to fix small holes in a hammock. My first trip out with my Yukon Double hammock I got a small hole in it when a stray ember from our fire landed on it. I slept all night in the hammock without issue, and even used the hammock another night without making the hole bigger. Still, I worried it would rip more, so I found this kit on amazon, and took a chance on it.


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    The ENO Hammock Hanging Kit rewards those of you who aren't commitment phobes and like wielding a drill. The Hammock Hanging Kit includes all the hardware to create permanent hanging anchors. Your hammock can still quickly be removed, although the sturdy bolts remain for easy re-attachment. Great for places without trees, like porches, backyards, basements, patios, even bedrooms!

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    Got the hammock itch, but the weather isn't behaving? Easy to use, and simple to set up, the ENO Indoor Hammock Hanging Kit™ allows you to create your relaxation station using any secure structure - basement to bedroom, patio to gazebo.