Eno hammock stand. I need to make this

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Tired of wishing for the perfect trees to appear in your desired hammock spot on a road trip, at a festival, or when car camping? Look no further than the patent-pending ENO SoloPod hammock stand.

Ensuring you always have a bed for the night, the ENO Roadie hammock stand has a simple setup that stays secure under the wheels of your car, creating the perfect hanging spot for any ENO hammock.

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    I’m baffled by the ENO hammock stand…. what minimum number of legs on uneven ground guarantees poor contact with the ground? 4. What number of legs will always be in contact with the ground and still offer excellent support? 3. Hence the Turtle Dog designs. How often have we eaten at a restaurant and had the table rock because it has 4 legs…. sometimes with something under one leg to help with the lack of contact? Its simple engineering. A tripod stays in contact and offers support. 4 legs on uneven ground is more weight, more problems with uneven stresses.

    Green eno hammock stand on a budget for outdoor Having outbound activity is a natural escape for most people. Many people are trying to look for something