ENO Hammocks and Hi-Fi Speaker System

ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters - DoubleNest Hammock, Red/Charcoal


Now that’s peaceful. Reading a book in the ENO hammock.

The biggest drawback of an ENO hammock: once I’m in one, suspended somewhere in an outdoor paradise, I don’t want to get out. For days after leaving my ENO cocoon, I daydream of lounging in my ENO hammock, catching relaxation in the setting sun or the day’s first rays. I can’t recommend ENO hammocks more highly for extremely comfortable relaxation outdoors.

The Eno DoubleNest hammock is just one variety in the ENO Hammock Family (see all varieties ). All of the Eno hammocks come in super fun colors: from neutral colors, to ones that are bright blue, purple, and yellow! I think the is probably their most versatile and popular, especially for the price and function. It sizes out to be 6’8″x9’4″ and is rated for up to 400lbs. The fabric is light, quick drying nylon that feels very nice against the skin. The breathable fabric is especially forgiving on warm summer days, keeping you cool instead of smothering you.

Guest Blog by the Eno Hammock Team

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    It’s not unusual for people who have slept in their ENO hammocks to prefer them to tents. Of course, sleeping bags (or a sleeping pad/underquilt) would be necessary in cold temperatures.

    All in all, the Atlas Straps ($29.95) plus the Eno DoubleNest hammock ($69.95) are a great investment for camping or everyday use. Easy to pack and take wherever you need to just kick back and relax, plus, with the DoubleNest size, everyone will be asking to join you.