Fairy Garden Hammock Crocheted Fabric Miniature by FairyElements

Miniature Fairy Garden Leaf Hammock


Bohemian Fairy Garden Hammock Crocheted Fabric by FairyElements

Yeah, it's the wall to wall fairy hammocks I'm particularly after, looking for some serious absorbency. I have a mooncup, don't get on with it very well, it leaks as it seems I'm a bit stretched after having 2 children, prefer towels anyway. Might buy a couple and see how they are, not cheap though. I've been using old reusable nappy inserts folded over, very absorbant and wash and dry easily, don't look too good!

Has anyone used wall to wall fairy hammocks? I'm thinking of buying some but just wondered what peoples experiences were. I have been using home made reusable pads but have decided it's time for a bit of luxury . Thanks.

Fairy Garden Hammock Crocheted Fabric Miniature by FairyElements

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    I started using them (not fairy hammocks - different brand but can't remember what sorry) because I was sick of the irritation of using disposable pads and I've never got on with tampons. I also use a mooncup which is good but I don't like to use it all the time.

    I just stick them in the nappy bucket and wash them with the cloth nappies so it's no extra work at all.

    Things to do:
    1. Go on a nature walk to find items to make the fairy hammock both beautiful and comfortable
    2. Open woven sack lengthwise using knife or scissors. You may need to cut it to the appropriate size to fit in your fairy garden. If necessary, iron the plastic (very low heat with a towel between iron and plastic) so it does not curl up.
    3. Fill the drawstring bag with cotton balls, to make a soft pillow for a fairy to rest her head. Make multiple pillows in different colors if you want.
    4. Use the ribbon to tie ends of hammock to some kind of support such as tree branches or sturdy plant stems.
    5. Place soft items such as flower petals, fluff from seed pods, or small feathers on top of the woven plastic.
    6. Place fairy pillows on top of hammock
    7. Fill thimble with rain or spring water, place it next to the hammock so the fairy has a cool drink while she relaxes