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Ferret hammock deluxe sleep sack

Hello everyone! Today we will be making a diy ferret hammock, or a cat hammock if your cat likes those sorts of things! These are perfect for lounging, and this version is made out of an old t-shirt so washing it will be a breeze!

But there's so much more than just ferrets and ferret cages and ferret food. There's the Ferret Hammock. ''Maximize your ferret's leisure time,'' the package says. (Maximize? All they've got is leisure time!) ''Your ferret will enjoy countless hours of rest and play with its new hammock.'' In brown or blue or red -- $12.99.

Yay! You're now following ferret hammock in your .

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    Ferret Hammock with Fleece Lining SUPER PET.
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    Then there's the Ferretube, for when the ferret needs a break from the Ferret Hammock. ''Ferrets love Ferretube,'' the package says. ''They crawl in it, play in it, chase each other through it and even sleep in it.'' In pink or lavender -- $17.49.

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