Ferret Corner Hammock Asst $12.95

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Pre-washed to test double-stitched seams. This may give the hammock a rumpled look; it is new, never used. Ferret hammocks can be washed on hot (to remove oils) and machine dried (to dislodge any remaining hairs). Tip: brush off excess fur before laundering.

It's two napping spots in one. Our Marshall Pet Products Ferret Banana Hammock serves double duty as a hammock and a napping sack. As you can imagine, your ferret will go bananas for this comfy hammock. This hammock has 3 openings and plenty of room for a game of peek-a-boo. This hammock provides fun for everyone! Made with soft, easy-to-clean fleece and easily clips onto most cages. Great for your ferret's burrowing instincts, your furry friend is sure to find this hammock fruity and appeeling. Also perfect for pairing with the Marshall Pet Products Monkey Hammock.

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How to make a Ferret hammock out of a pillowcase! - YouTube

Then there's the Ferretube, for when the ferret needs a break from the Ferret Hammock. ''Ferrets love Ferretube,'' the package says. ''They crawl in it, play in it, chase each other through it and even sleep in it.'' In pink or lavender -- $17.49.

But there's so much more than just ferrets and ferret cages and ferret food. There's the Ferret Hammock. ''Maximize your ferret's leisure time,'' the package says. (Maximize? All they've got is leisure time!) ''Your ferret will enjoy countless hours of rest and play with its new hammock.'' In brown or blue or red -- $12.99.