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This is my second hammock string video tutorial

The seafront edition has a fishnet hammock attached but it’s only plastic chairs on the porches of other bungalows. Glass doors afford sea views direct from your bed, while windows on either side allow air to flow in.

So my current plan is to buy a cheap fish net hammock and find a way to attach that to some tablecloth or something. But it's entirely possible that even the lightest fishnet would still not be light enough to make a substantial difference.

This one is sometimes called the Fishnet

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    When I was growing up, my Pap had a cabin. It wasn’t a cabin by the usual standard because it was an old trailer that he parked on this plot of land, but there was a fire pit and picnic tables, a stream that ran behind the trailer and down over a bank. He even had an old green fishnet hammock that we could swing in. My cousins and I had lots of good times here, but I remember the old, faded, green outhouse with the cutout holes that you didn’t want to sit on because of splinters and you really had to be desperate to use because no one wanted to deal with the smell or the creepy crawlers that came with it. This is what I picture in my mind when I think of the word primitive. Here at The Lighthouse Man, we have taken Primitive and created something unique for our customers. For those customers who remembers those simpler days and like to reflect back on the rustic look of days gone by, we would like to offer you a selection of primitive bird houses. Our first style of primitive bird houses come in 3 different sizes and colors. They have the old-fashioned stars and faded paint that is reflective of the bucolic homestead. Also included in our primitive bird house collection is the bird house with a front porch added and is offered in several varying color schemes. The third style of primitive bird house is a combination bird house that incorporates 3 different sizes into one unique primitive bird house. The final style and the one that kicked my memories into play, is the Primitive Outhouse Bird House, complete with the crescent moon! Here at The Lighthouse Man, even Primitive can be stylish!

    Living with a fish net hammock is really fun when you arrange places to hang it both inside and out ... so you can spend your days under big shady trees and your nights floating above the day's accumulated clutter. A sling bed is also super-great in a small apartment or single room because there's so much completely open floor space under the hammock for storing belongings or for use as extra sleeping area for a friend. During the day the piece of flexible furniture can be used as a storage rack ... or magically transformed into a decorative tent by merely attaching its middle to the ceiling in a few places. Furthermore, a hammock is also a wonderfully convenient piece of warm weather camping gear: it's easy to pack and lets air circulate all around you when you sleep ... while keeping you out of reach of the creepy-crawlies and up off the cold, damp ground. When it rains you can just pull a canvas tarp over you so that it extends down past the sides of your aerial resting place ... and the water will drain right off, leaving you snug inside.