High-flying hammock shelter gets modular refresh

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The Flying Squirrel Outfitters hammocks are another entrant into a very popular category of parachute nylon hammocks and come in two sizes: Ultralight and Double. They will be opening a Kickstarter campaign in August to officially launch their products. At first glance, the Flying Squirrel hammocks are your average open recreational hammocks with gathered ends, three panels of fabric, and triple stitched throughout. However, there are a few things that make these hammocks stand out in the crowd, the first being the construction. If, like me, you prefer quality over mass production, you will appreciate the craftsmanship. The second stand-out is the double-sided stuff sack they are using not only for packing but also for adjusting the size and usage of the hammock.

Our Sarasota studio originated in the backyard with two yoga hammocks and a passion for aerial yoga. During the creation of the Flying Yoga program, Kerry found a need to have a better, more dynamic yoga hammock for teaching. After several generations and models, the Flying Yoga Hammock was born. CircuSoul Yoga is a registered with the yoga alliance (RYS200) and we certify new aerial yoga instructors. We manufacture our yoga hammocks on site at CircuSoul Yoga and ship them worldwide!

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The first thing I noticed on these hammocks was the stitching. Usually, companies use a thick thread with an interlocking stitch that stiffens the seams and makes them thick uncomfortable to lay on. In contrast, the Flying Squirrel hammocks have smooth seams, triple stitched with a lighter thread that is hardly noticeable. Mass-produced hammocks typically “hide” unfinished stitching at the gathered end (often with loose threads throughout), but the Flying Squirrel hammocks have neatly trimmed edges reinforced with a bar tack stitch.

There are many different styles of Aerial Yoga in use. Some studios have a Flow Yoga approach, some use a more Fitness based program. Some studios prefer the Flying Hammock that offers handles for support in particular the plank or push-up pose which is extremely good conditioning for core muscles.