Fox Outfitters Neolite hammock single stuff sack

Neolite Double Camping Hammock - Lightweight Portable Nylon Parachute Hammock for Backpacking, Travel, Beach, Yard. Hammock Straps & Steel Carabiners Included


Enter the Fox Outfitter Neolite Hammock

Overall, quality of ENO vs FOX is comparable and you can't go wrong with either. FOX is a bit longer and comes with straps and the built in pouch holds the hammock and the straps. The ENO does NOT come with straps and straps need to be carried with a separate pouch. You get more for you money with the FOX Outfitters Hammock.

Compared to ENO: My girlfriend has an Eagles Nest Outfitter Double nest. The FOX Outfitters Hammock is a bit longer (which I like personally). As a product I'd say both are comparable. Price wise, the FOX Hammock one wins. The ENO Hammock did not come with straps so we had to buy them which added an extra $20 bucks whereas this FOX Hammock comes with straps. Granted, these straps are not long so I definitely see value in investing in longer ones in the future, however, the fact that it comes with straps at no additional cost is a huge win for me.

Fox Outfitters Neolite hammock single

  • EXTREMELY LIGHTWEIGHT AND STRONG - Hanging kit has a weight capacity of 400 lbs. Kit includes 2 anchor bolt hangers, 2 lag screws, 2 solid steel carabiners. Simply install the 2 anchor bolt hangers with the lag screws to studs in your bedroom or basement and clip your hammock (sold separately) to the hangers.
  • EASY TO USE - The easy-to-use kit lets you create a relaxation station using any secure structure, from wall studs to sturdy posts. In many instances forgiveness is better than permission when installing in apartments, dorms, parents house. Although we will cheer you on we accept no responsibility for upset landlords.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL HAMMOCK BRANDS - We used our 20 year expertise in rock climbing and hammocking to create the perfect accessories for your hammock. Compatible with ENO Hammock, Eagles Nest Outfitters, Hennessy Hammock, Grand Trunk, Kammok, Youphoria Hammock, Wildhorn Outfitters Hammock, Fox Outfitters Hammock.
  • ULTIMATE HAMMOCKS - Our company was born from 20 years of retail experience in the outdoor industry. Our Patent Pending and unique products are exclusively sold by Ultimate Hammocks. 100% Money Back guarantee. We stand behind our products!
  • HANG IN THERE - Our trademarked slogan doesn't just refer to what you do in a hammock. We support education for children in developing countries.  When kids are encouraged and financially supported in school they are enabled to HANG IN THERE and have a multi generational impact on their families and community. We commit a significant amount of our profits to the Cambodia Job Foundation. You can learn more details on our site.

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Made from the highest quality of materials, Vine Hammock Straps will make hanging your parachute, camping and backpacking hammocks a breeze. Each strap is 11 ft in length and has 20 preset loops to clip your hammock into. Whether you're hanging from vertical posts or horizontal tree stumps, Vine Hammock Straps are the easiest way to relax. Vine Hammock Straps work best with Fox Outfitters Hammocks.

Many campers, trekkers, travelers and backpackers are choosing either the single or the double Fox Outfitter Camping Hammock on their outdoor activities. It is because of its compact and lightweight feature. This camping hammock can support a maximum weight of 400 pounds and it is designed using a woven nylon material that is breathable, strong and instantly dries.