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Prodyne HH-360 Under Cabinet Fruit and Veggie Hammock


Fruit Hammocks - Cruisers & Sailing Forums

Tired of your RV kitchen looking like a successful game of Fruit Ninja? Stop your fruit and produce from rolling all over your RV’s kitchen and fashion some of these super easy DIY fruit hammocks! These neat organizational additions are incredibly simple to make, cost next to nothing for materials, and can be used in several areas around your RV to keep things from getting cluttered! If you’re more crafty, you could always crochet your own net or sew up a fabric hammock, but these two tutorials are easy for anyone to do! Here’s how!

This hammock is so simple to make, and costs next to nothing as you can use an old t-shirt that you already have on hand! You don’t even have to have great sewing skills! You could just as easily use fabric glue to get the same result! Just a few cuts and a little sewing and you’ll have a great fruit hammock to help you keep your counters and cabinets clear!

How do you make a fruit hammock and where do you buy the net

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  • Lonely Banana? Crocheted Fruit Hammock FREE Pattern

    This version of a DIY fruit hammock is even easier to whip up, and looks more like what you’d find in stores! A few inexpensive items are all you need to get this awesome organizational hammock!

    Make yourself a fruit hammock and give that lonely little banana a place to relax without getting bruised. 😉 For this pattern we are basically making a large-ish mesh-like rectangle and then adding the loops to each side so that it can hang under your cabinet using .