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The Grand Trunk AT Hybrid Hammock can be used as a hammock, a lean-to or A-frame emergency shelter, a footprint, a bivvy sack, a rain fly and more. The versatile AT Hybrid is made of rip-stop, 210T-PA coated 500 waterproof polyester, has a 400 pound capacity and measures 10' x 6'.

I'vehad the opportunity to use the Grand Trunk AT Hybrid Hammockextensively since the Field Report. I used it for a weekend camping inLeavenworth Washington, a night near Medford, Oregon, a couple daysjust south of San Diego, California, and in the Goat Rocks ofWashington. Temperatures have been decidedly warm, with day use between75 and 90 F (24 to 32 C) and nights ranging from the mid 40s to mid 60sF (7 to 18 C).

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