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Established in 1991, the practice was , which staged entertainment shows. The center director, , created apparatus and contraptions for the show. He found that his antigravity hammock also benefited the general public. He then introduced AntiGravity Yoga and Fitness.

He's not that flexible on the ground, but maybe in the air he'll have more luck. CBS 2's Vince Gerasole is giving anti-gravity hammock yoga a try at Pilates Plus in Schaumburg.

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Part of the introduction course is to get to know your anti-gravity hammock and to trust that it can take your weight. This permits a weightless feel to your body and allows a freer mind as the body swings in all directions and at before unimaginable angles.

After traveling to the tropics for a performance with Team AntiGravity, Harrison was inspired by a gazebo of eight hammocks. He and his team began playing on them, exploring movement. Two months later, they were rehearsing at the Metropolitan Opera House as acrobats for Franco Zeferilli’s production of Turandot. In an adjoining theatrical production at Lincoln Center a piece of fabric was being used like a rope to climb; a soft Spanish Web of sorts and Harrison was captivated. Inspired, he bought a piece of fabric to hang in at the gym to try it out. Harrison and his fellow Team AntiGravity athletes were not aerialists at that time and didn’t know the first thing about climbing. The fabric they bought was all-wrong. After a challenging hour or so of trying to figure out how to climb it rope style, Harrison recalled the tropical playtime experience on the gazebo and rigged the other end to the top to form a hammock. He jumped up into it and got the visceral physicist inside him to start experimenting. Enveloped inside, Harrison immediately felt at home and within moments a movement vocabulary emerged; the AntiGravity yoga Hammock was born and the roots of a new aerial art form and aerial yoga were planted. The year was 1999. Initially he created moves that took place high up in the air looped off of one point. He had the company immediately incorporate it successfully into their shows. The aerial yoga hammock and the movement vocabulary continued to grow and expand with many incarnations. Harrison discovered that the apparatus allowed people to move freely in all directions of space, including upside down and that the benefits of this were immense. It allowed Team AntiGravity to heal their backs from compression tweaks. He put one in his home off of two points and began adapting moves that used both the hammock and the floor. Moves from yoga, pilates and calesthenics enhanced the aerial art moves. By lowering it to the same height as a gymnastics uneven bar and a ballet-barre he was able to incorporate many more elements. The benefits his own body were so great that Harrison decided to introduce the two-point, lower version as a company warm-up at his new training and rehearsal studio, The AntiGravity Skyloft in Midtown Manhattan.