DD Travel Hammock and Tarp Review

10 x 10 FT Lightweight Waterproof RipStop Rain Fly Hammock Tarp Cover Tent Shelter for Camping Outdoor Travel


hammock and tarp - tent and nest tutorial

I use snakeskins on my HH and always had issues until I figured out this technique. Now, no problem. I easily cover the hammock and tarp with the skins.

The mistake made with comparisons is to only compare function to function. In terms of function a hammock and tarp (including suspensions and bug protection

All In One Hammock and Tarp Suspension

  • Homemade Hammock And Tarp
  • Hammock and Tarp setup edit from a 2012 video

    The Exped Travel Hammock is a fantastic quality, low-priced and very versatile hammock and tarp. The hammock is lightweight, compact and a handy addition to any suitcase or rucksack. Set the hammock up quickly and efficiently as a standard hammock, or it can be used in place of a dedicated tarpaulin, or even a beach towel or shade. To use on the beach, simply add sand to the void at the front and back of the hammock to add weight. Please be aware that the suspension kit is sold separately.

    The Exped Travel Hammock has quadruple stitching, so it's incredibly durable. Even the stuff sack doubles as a pocket for a water bottle or handy store for small items.

    Tying the tarp to the tree above the hammock supports will work...you'll just have more space between the hammock and tarp. This is great for ventilation in nice weather and light rain, but it makes it easier for windblown rain to wet the hammock.