Primitive Camping Basics Part 2 Hammock and Tent Shelters

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REI Co-op Quarter Dome Air Hammock

The ultimate dream when you were a kid was having your own tree house, right? Some were lucky enough to have that pad in the treetops. For others, it turned into waiting and a 30 year mortgage. But you’re an adult now; it’s not too late to make the dream a reality. is a company that specializes in tents made for trees. Think of it as a hammock and a tent combined. These tents are made to be suspended above ground ensuring your temporary shelter isn’t affected by wet, rocky, or uneven ground conditions–there’s just nothing worse when going camping than sleeping on the ground with jagged rocks in your back… except maybe a bear attack.

A direct comparison of hammocks and tents is misguided because the shelter systems are inherently different. When a person goes in to buy a tent, the expectation is that he/she will get a package that includes a floor, a basic structure with enclosed sidewalls, appropriate bug netting, a rain fly, stakes, guy line, and even the poles (shocking!). Tent camping has been commercialized for so long that most people instinctively know the three basic components required: a tent, a sleeping bag, and a pad.

Hammocks and Hammock Sleeping Systems – Rain, Cold, and Insect Pro

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If you want something grand and provide better protection, then you can try making a hammock and tent combination. This convenient piece of item might not have as much room as normal tent, but it’s more portable and lighter in weight compared to a hammock and a tent. Making the camping hammock tent is similar to the mosquito net, but using a tent instead.

The cool new combines a hammock and a tent for the ultimate in camping location versatility and bug free accommodations. This unique and lightweight hammock/tent fusion can be suspended off the ground like a hammock or used on the ground as a traditional tent. Unlike sinking into a regular hammock though, this one utilizes a unique arch pole and spreader bar system to keep the bed taut when suspended, a detachable rainfly to keep out the weather, and an attached netting to keep the horrendous flying, biting, stinging, and harassing insect squadrons at bay. If you detest annoying bugs and want way more snoozing location options than just the backyard, look no further.