Hammock Bliss Double Hammock, Tan/Green

Hammock Bliss Tree Straps - Hang Any Hammock With Ease - Fast Setup - Super Strength


Classic Green 60"W Cotton Rope Hammock from Bliss Hammocks

Durability: All of the seams are tested to 350 lbs and the hammock is made from ripstop parachute fabric. We would anticipate many years of service out of any Hammock Bliss hammock.

The extra hardware in the cinching straps make it a little easier to adjust and attach the straps to a tree, which may be attractive and/or useful to some. I’m not a fan of nylon tree straps because they are prone to stretching, but snugging up the straps close to the tree minimizes this issue. The trade-off is that you need a separate adjustable suspension (rope, Whoopie Sling, etc.) to close any gap between hammock and anchor point. I found that this strap works great for stock Hennessy Hammocks and Hammock Bliss hammocks that use long ropes as their suspension.

Hammock Bliss Hammocks Overview - 1

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Hammock Bliss is compact, lightweight and ready to go anywhere