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DIY Hammock Bug Net Cheap and Easy

I also say weight because I select hammocks that are low on weight. Even the biggest hammock I have tested (the Hennessy Explorer A-Sym) weighs less than the standard solo tents. There are some hammock models out there that weight a lot more, but that is your choice as what to carry. But the absolute lightest camping hammock with bug protection and rain fly is less than a pound, the absolute lightest tent that gives bug protection weighs twice that.

I had someone ask me today where they could find my instructions for making the hammock half bug net, or “HUG” as I called it . I’ve republishing them here for reference with the caveat that I’ve improved on the design, which will be published in my upcoming book, The Ultimate Hang 2. Stay tuned!

LOW COST DIY Hammock Bug Net set up

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How to build a simple but strong Hammock Bug Net from two $5. sheer curtain panels. We take two 100% Polyester panels and turn them into a strong bug net for our homemade hammock. The curtain panels were a standard size and weight panel from a big box retailer. Closeups of the mesh structure and also measured mesh size shown in this video. The finished bug net weighs 11.42 oz.
My inspiration for this bug net comes from the Hammock Forums. But also Austrian traveler "Ruth" and her DIY bugnet. Thanks guys! Here's a link to the forum thread at Hammock Forums: . Here's a link to Wade Sheperds video about Ruth's DIY bug net:

My friend Kullcraven Bushcraft made one of these window sheer bug nets and here's how he sets his up and his testimonial for the design:

My video on building a nylon hammock:

Let me be absolutely clear: the hammock half bug net is not for the faint of heart. It was designed for minimalist DIY-ers who want to maximize weight loss and minimize pack bulk. The HUG is a compromised bug shelter that is only effective when used with a pad or under quilt and a sleeping bag or top quilt. Full bug protection comes when the body is covered by the insulation in conjunction with the HUG.