And then one day I discovered hammock camping and my life changed.

Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock - Lightweight Nylon Portable Hammock, Best Parachute Double Hammock For Backpacking, Camping, Travel, Beach, Yard. 118"(L) x 78"(W), Dark Green/Green Color


Tips for hammock camping with kids:

When Trek Light Gear first began back in 2003 I had to explain each and every hammock benefit (and challenge) to every customer I came in contact with. Now, it’s still exciting to see how many people are new to the concept – but because of the spread of information it’s amazing to see how many people are coming into the hammock camping lifestyle with an already great understanding of what it offers.

If you could add Trek Light Gear to the hammock company list in the post I’d sincerely appreciate it – we’ve been spreading the hammock love for almost 10 years now and would love the chance to help more people get into hammock camping. If there’s anything I can personally do to help anyone reading just let me know!

Hammock Camping 101 - The Ultimate Hang

Hammock by the sea in Antalya, Turkey

Fixing parachute hammock to fixing rope

Parachute hammock by the sea

Climbing into parachute hammock

Relaxing in a parachute travel hammock

Double parachute hammock; just the job for sunbathing

A travel hammock suspended above a lush lagoon in Mexico

A double parachute silk hammock

Garden hammock in green parachute silk

Reading stories in a parachute hammock

A parachute hammock is great for stress busting

A perfect day just chilling by the river in a travel hammock

A hammock in the home is more comfortable than the sofa

A double travel hammock is big enough for three

Nice, France a great destination to relax on your yacht

Girl in a hammock

Hammock camp England
How to have a good time camping in a hammock
Camping in a hammock is any childs fantasy

Pale blue parachute silk hammock

Hammock fixed to a yacht mast in Nice harbour

Paradise Hammocks are made to a high specification

Lying in a pink parachute hammock suspended from a Pergola

Red parachute hammock supported by a hammock frame

Travelling with a hammock suspended above a river

Hammock suspended from wooden beams

Green travel hammock in North Devon

Blue parachute hammock aerial view

Childrens hammock by the pool overlooking Torbay, Devon

Hanging out in a travel hammock on the Tarka Trail, North Devon

Travel hammocks can be used onboard yachts

Purple parachute hammock is bliss for chilling in

Parachute hammock chair makes a great swing for children

Camping with a Hammock

Camping with a Hammock

Camping with a Hammock

Hammock Camping 101 - Hiking H.Q

1. It’s incredibly comfortable. The number-one reason Scouts should use hammocks camping is because hammocks are extremely comfortable. No more rocks and roots in your back, and no more sliding on uneven ground. that the gentle rocking motion contributes to deeper, more fulfilling sleep. During long-term resident camping, hammocks provide a cozy bed you can look forward to night after night.

2. It makes camping exciting! Scouts love hammock camping—it’s just plain fun! No matter how many times I bring hammocks on camping trips, they seem to maintain their novelty and attraction with the boys. When I started up with a new troop in Arizona, I noticed that several boys and leaders had a certain apathy toward camping, but after introducing hammocks, their interest was piqued. I used a hammock during our 50-mile backpacking trip and afterwards the Scouts were begging to get their own. During subsequent troop meetings, we sewed up hammocks for each Scout. Now, both youth and adult Scouters ask about upcoming camping trips and whether or not we can bring hammocks.