10 Tips for Winter Hammock Camping

Odoland Travel Camping Hammock- Lightweight Portable Nylon Hammock Hanging Bed with Free Hammock Straps & Steel Carabiners for Backpacking, Travel, Beach, Yard, Forest


Hammock Camping: Why Switch From A Tent To A Hammock

If you could add Trek Light Gear to the hammock company list in the post I’d sincerely appreciate it – we’ve been spreading the hammock love for almost 10 years now and would love the chance to help more people get into hammock camping. If there’s anything I can personally do to help anyone reading just let me know!

When Trek Light Gear first began back in 2003 I had to explain each and every hammock benefit (and challenge) to every customer I came in contact with. Now, it’s still exciting to see how many people are new to the concept – but because of the spread of information it’s amazing to see how many people are coming into the hammock camping lifestyle with an already great understanding of what it offers.

Hammock Camping 101 - Hiking H.Q

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The Apex Camping shelter was Funded on Kickstarter in less than one hour! It’s a versatile, high quality weather shelter that will protect you and your gear from rain, wind, sun, and even snow! This versatile tarp has 20 tie-out loops so that it can be pitched in a variety if ways. It makes a great portable shade canopy, hammock camping tarp or a general purpose camping tarp. It packs down easily into the included stuff sack and includes 6 stakes and 8 guy ropes. Each Apex Camping Shelter is made by skilled experts and the high level of craftsmanship is second to none. For maximum durability, the Apex is made from high strength 70d polyester fabric with a waterproof polyurethane coating and the ridgeline seam is professionally seam sealed. It is nearly 1000% funded but Early Bird Rewards are still available!

Yes there are differences in the eastern US versus the western in a lot of regards. But in nearly 4 years of hammock camping all over the western US I have never once felt like I would not be able to hang my hammock for the night. This includes nights in the deserts of Arizona and Utah as well as many nights in Idaho, both in high alpine areas as well as our desert regions.