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It's made of a polyester material that is completely waterproof. Trust me, we've tested this quality many times, and this hammock style dog car seat cover will keep your upholstery completely dry. As I explain in my video review, our chocolate lab, Saddie, loves the water. We can't keep her out of it.

Golden Thank to Solvit for providing Sugar a Sta-Put Hammock dog seat cover. For more information, visit . Follow the giveaway tool below for a chance to win .

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    Good2Go No-Fur Zone Hammock Dog Car Seat Cover keeps pets comfortably in the back seat to help driving distraction-free. Save seats from claws and slobber and keep your pet's essentials organized in conveniently placed pockets. Fast Fact: During the shedding process, young hairs push out the old hairs. On average, dogs take about four months to grow a coat, though longer-haired breeds can take much longer!

    I’ve been using Solvit Sta-Put Hammock for the past three weeks. Sugar had gone to the beach twice. The Solvit Sta-Put Hammock dog car seat cover protected my beige leather back seat. I was able to wipe off some dirt particles. I’ve washed the hammock with mild detergent, placed in the dryer and it retained its size.