Toy Net Hammock for Stuffed Animals

Jumbo Toy Hammock - Organize stuffed animals or children's toys with the mesh hammock. Looks great with any décor while neatly organizing kid's toys and stuffed animals. Expands to 5.5 feet - White


Yes, not only does the hammock hold alot of stuff aniimals, ..

After you’re happy with the placement, fix the hammock for stuffed animals in its permanent place. Now it is time to fill it up with all the stuffies that will live and hang out in it. They look happy, don’t they?

[…] can also add some extra storage space for the stuffies. Make a stuffed zoo for example. Or a hammock for your stuffed animals. They will allow you to utilize some extra space and keep things both organized and […]

Free Directions to Sew a Stuffed Animal Hammock

  • Purchase a brightly colored fishing net at the dollar store or other discount store. Install cup hooks on opposing walls and stretch the net across the corner to create a hammock for stuffed animals. Encourage children to put the stuffed animals to bed in their hammock at bedtime.

  • Select an over-the-door hanging shoe storage unit and place it on the inside of your child's bedroom door. Look for a unit with clear plastic windows to keep prized stuffed animals visible, yet organized. This method may require your assistance, as the top storage areas may be out of your child's reach.

  • Place a large pop-up hamper in the corner of your child's room. These are often available in playful designs, including animal shapes. The hamper provides room for a multitude of stuffed animals, is easy to access and makes tidying the room a breeze. Simply toss the animals into the hamper and close the lid at bedtime.

  • Arrange several plastic milk crates along the wall, or in a corner, to create a stuffed animal zoo. Use black elastic to make "bars," by attaching the elastic at the top and bottom of the crate horizontally. Space bars 4 to 6 inches apart depending on the size of the crate. This serves to hold the animals inside the crate, while creating the illusion of barred cages in the zoo.

Why make a stuffed animal hammock

There are several ways in which you can make a hammock for stuffed animals. The basics are mostly the same but the used materials can vary. This all depends on what you have at some and what effect you want to achieve.

[…] This one is a classic. It is a great way to store your stuffies when you don’t really have that much room. Making a hammock for stuffed animals is pretty easy. Check it out. […]