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Before we were DFOHome, we were a hammock company.

Kids will relish the opportunity to while away lazy summer afternoons in one of , which make not only lovely baby rockers but also play hammocks or swings for older children. Each one-of-a-kind, fully reversible hammock is handmade from industry surplus cotton fabrics. Plus, it comes equipped with heavy-duty professional ropes and carabiners for hanging indoors or out, along with a matching carrier for portability. Know next to nothing about setting up a hammock? Don’t worry, Robyna includes instructions, as well as extra ropes, just in case.

Hammocks are handmade in most cases, by artisans from different parts of the Americas. Their main function is for rest or sleep. Hammocks are made ​​from cotton cords in different colors, with the unique designs across the width. They are knotted on the end and used to enjoy moments of rest.

Mexico and Colombia are centers of hammock making . These items are usually hung on two endpoints , such as trees , and the body is suspended in the air , so you can sleep through the swing that provides it.

Over a thousand years ago making hammocks began in indigenous civilizations of Latin America. It has been a leading culturally activity from generation to generation. Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica , Colombia and other warm regions of Latin America are excellent makers of this tool ideal for relaxation .

Much of the indigenous creativity is captured in this setting , they found a way to create an element that was cool , comfortable and could be made with what nature gave them . Thus , Indians started making hammocks woven from tree bark, later replaced by sisal and about 60 years ago with cotton.

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For more than 3,000 years, the Mayans developed a great culture with rich traditions. In the Yucatan of Mexico, Mayan hammocks have been used as an important piece of furniture indoors or outdoors, for resting and relaxation, just as they are today. Now you can enjoy them in and around your home, while adding a dash of interior decor and style. From single size to family size, with a spreader bar or without, to hammock chairs and more, you'll find the right hammock for you, your family and friends from our extensive selection of handmade Mexican hammocks. These are perfect for indoors for maximizing space and adding style, or outdoors to enjoy in the comfort of the seasons and sun.

Using centuries old methods, all our hammocks are handmade by Mayan women in the Yucatan of Mexico. These authentic Mayan made, Mexican hammocks are made of 100% cotton, with the end strings or loops made of nylon for support. Cotton hammocks are the more comfortable hammocks, with the colors more pleasing to the eye. The Mayan women work on hammocks to support their family and earn an income. In this way, the women can take care of their young children and work at the same time. When you get a Mayan made hammock, you are contributing directly to family income, supporting the self-sufficiency of the women and the development of the whole community.