MicroRope Complete Hammock Hang System

SOLITUDE Hammock Tree Straps System. Heavy Duty Extra Long Lightweight Suspension Kit. Adjustable 100% Polyester. No-Stretch. Fast Portable Strap Suspension System Setup.


The MicroRope - Hammock Hanging System

Split into three main sections, rated from one to three, the Hammock Hang Rating System provides a point of reference about the quality of a hang spot.

The location of a hang is crucial. This section of the Hammock Hang Rating System considers many factors. Is there a particularly awesome view associated with your hang? Is it a place where you will find privacy or have many people interfere with your sacred hammock time? Can your friends hang their hammocks near you? A great location earns a three where as a subpar location would only earn a one.

Clove hitch hammock hanging system -- Fool Proof

  • Micro Rope Hammock Hanging System, hammock ropes from Byer of Maine
      $30.00   $27.27 USD  

  • Eagles Nest Outfitters Inc. Hammock Hanging Kit

    The MicroRope from Amazonas and Byer of Maine is a ultra-light weight hammock hanging system. Designed to be set up in a under a minute the MicroRope is also incredibly strong woven nylon, with aluminum thimbles. Be sure to to check out this and other great products from

    Eno Hammocks and other similar brands are popping up everywhere, especially on college campuses. As the Hammock community rapidly grows serous, turf wars are becoming common amongst the easily identifiable amateurs and veteran Eno-ers. Since finding the ultimate hang is essentially finding enlightenment, we, as the hammock community, must decide to either join together or forever fight for the perfect spot. Perhaps the best way that we can communicate amongst one another is through a “Hammock Hang Rating System.” The system is designed on a one to ten scale. With this method the hammock community will be able to spread word about great hangs.