In 2016, Hammock Hangout will be at

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Hammock Hangout Karaoke Lounge, Burning Man Theme Camp

If after scanning your home you don't see any of these options, don't worry! Hammock chair bliss can still be yours with the use of a hammock chair stand! As an added bonus, stands work well indoors and out providing a whole new world of hammock hanging opportunities!

The Hammock Hangout is a giant shade structure that will provide nearly 10,000 square feet of quality shade to the citizens of Black Rock City during the Burning Man festival. The structure is made using 36 12 foot eucalyptus tree logs and one giant 42 foot eucalyptus tree log as the center pole. The three giant parachutes create a passive solar structure that houses 90 hammocks and has lots of floor space for when all the hammocks are filled, which tends to happen a lot.

Hammock Hangout - Common Ground Music Festival

  • Bob Jordan says:

    RE: Hammock Garden Drawing
    Great idea for parks and public places!
    Unless you are using lots of concrete the 1′ 6″ and 2′ holes are likely too shallow. 2′ 6″ and 3′ is the recommended minimum depth for hammock poles, due to the forces from typical or low angled hammock hanging around 300 pounds often and that does not count the bouncing or multiple people in one hammock. My experience is with Texas soils.

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    We had not been there for long when I heard “Is your name John?” I must admit that I hear this more and more often, with our growing following on Facebook. But this time, the face pre-dated Facebook by almost two decades. It was my very old cycling friend Tom, who I rode with back in the 80s and 90s. We participated in a week-long bicycle trip once a year around Florida. The last time I had seen him was on the ride in ’94. Three days earlier, while returning from our extended honeymoon, we had driven through Tom’s hometown. I told Sandy that the next time we were here, I was going to look him up and knock on the door. I had no idea he was a hammock hanger.

    We were at the 5th annual Hammock Hang, invited by Lil Ricky to give our How to Hike the Florida Trail presentation there. Hammocks of every shape, size, and color hung everywhere. Almost every tree had one. A few had two. Have you ever seen a “bunk bed” hammock? It’s two hammocks hung very close together, on the same tree and under the same tarp.