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Hummingbird Hammocks Ultralight Single Plus Hammock, Forest Green


Ultralight Pelican Rain Tarp | Hummingbird Hammocks

The Single Hammock from Hummingbird Hammocks, designed with parachute-strength nylon, makes for an essential piece of camping gear — especially when you consider its 300-pound limit. It weighs 30 percent less than anything else on the market, according to the company, which means the entire package is as portable as it is strong: Slip it comfortably into a water-bottle pouch on a backpack, or easily attach it with a light carabiner if you’re out of usable pockets. More of a drive-and-park outdoorsman? It will fit in the glovebox, too.

The tree straps are a simple and effective design, especially for anyone looking for an ultralight suspension for their hammock. Of course, if you’re really looking for lightweight, the straps pair beautifully with the ultra-lightweight hammocks that Hummingbird sells.

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